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shall vs will

There is a funny difference between the age old words ‘shall’ and ‘will’! No, I’m not talking about grammar. I was involved with an internet banking project for a local Singapore bank and got a chance to work with a Functional Requirement Specification (FRS) document for a while. Then I came to know the subtle difference between shall and will. According to WikipediaMost requirement specifications use the word shall to denote something that is required, while reserving the will for a statement of fact … requirements with ‘shall’ are the mandatory requirements, meaning, ‘must’, or ‘have to’.
So, if the project is supposed to be delivered by some software firm, the business analyst guys have to pay extra attention to shall and will!!
It is quite interesting fact and also a crap at the same time. May be that is one of the reason, agile methodologies talk vividly to replace heavy-weight FRS documents by some understandable UML diagrams. It will save both time and cost and developers can focus on the delivery rather than playing politics with the weapon of shall and will.


Haha. Never knew this one! WIll have to pay special attention while performing a software engg project next time :)
Thanks 4 the info!
Unknown said…
Hi Anil kumar u give valuable information about singapore !!!!

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