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My presentation on EJB3.0

Long long days ago(more than 2 years!!) I did a presentation on EJB3.0 for Singapore Java user group. Chirstopher hosted the slides on the web. While browsing, I found it Here is the link.


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The agile experience

There are hundreds and thousands of literature available on internet about agile methodology. So, I’ll not dive myself to explain what it is and what it is not. Rather, this blog entry is purely my own experience on agile methodology. Couple of years ago I joined Financial Market System Development team of Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore and I was introduced with agile process. After working with traditional waterfall model for last few years, agile was like a fresh air to breath. I was so excited that I named my blog as “agilej” and in my dream I was about open a fast food chain in India with a name of agile food (read fast food!!).