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About Me

My name is Anil and I have been based in Singapore for over 17 years and am a Singapore Permanent Resident. I’m a Senior Banking IT executive with a strong track record of application development, engineering, delivery, innovation, and transformation. Over the last 20 years, I’ve directly contributed to 20+ large-scale, multi-year ( 2 to 6 years of the horizon ) initiatives which got investment up to 50 million USD and 100+ cross-cultural people worked across the globe for Financial Market, Risk, Finance, and Retail Banking domains. My aspiration is to leverage technology to make a meaningful impact in the Finance Industry. I’ve seen the banking IT industry go through multiple disruptions – like building and running a big fat J2EE app on WebLogic server to Domain Driven Design-led 100+ microservices, packaged into Docker image and orchestrated by Kubernetes. I’ve witnessed the birth of DevOps and SRE and how the industry is shifting its approach to ‘run’ software with an engineering an